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Real World Functional Fitness

Come experience real world functional fitness at Crossfit Lismore! CrossFit Lismore is a licenced affiliate of CrossFit Inc. ( this means we are formally committed to achieving excellence in fitness using the CrossFit method.

CrossFit Journal: The Performance-Based Lifestyle ResourceRight now you are just one step away from improving the quality of your life and adding permanent value to the way you live. CrossFit Lismore can help change your life. Are you ready to reach your peak levels of mental and physical strength and efficiency, while participating in one of the best strength and conditioning programs in the World?

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A friendly, unique community atmosphere

CrossFit Lismore is not like other commercial gyms or fitness centres. We don’t have trendy Aerobic classes and pretty boys checking themselves out it the mirror, in fact we don’t have mirrors, air conditioning, or big bulky weight machines. When you become a member of CrossFit Lismore you don’t become a number on a swipe card you become part of a community. Our staff will greet you by name and new members are made to feel welcome regardless of your fitness level or experience. We have programs for every level from the absolute beginner to the advanced athlete, all of which are designed to help you unlock your abilities and increase your strengths.

It’s not who you are, it’s who you can be

CrossFit Lismore is not a magic bullet that will cure all ills. But it is a tried, trusted and proven method of physical, mental and emotional development that will take your life to a higher level than before you began.

Why not call us right now on (02) 66224547 and tell us what you are looking for. We have a solution for you. If you would like to know more about CrossFit Lismore before talking to us, please read on.

The world’s best strength and conditioning program

CrossFit is a general strength and conditioning program that can be scaled to challenge anyone regardless of ability or fitness level and is used by many law enforcement agencies, military personal and champion martial artists worldwide. That’s why we decided to focus our attention on CrossFit. Not only is it one of the best strength and conditioning programs in the world, it can be universally scaled to meet the needs of people with special needs, the elderly and elite combat athletes. No matter what your age or physical ability everyone can benefit from training at CrossFit Lismore.

Created by Greg Glassman in 1995, “The CrossFit Program was developed to enhance an individual’s competency at all physical tasks and to improve their overall fitness.” CrossFit has spread internationally and is today one of the most popular strength and conditioning programs in Australia and the rest of the world. The program comprises exercises pulled from three basic categories – weightlifting, gymnastics and metabolic conditioning.

We take extra care to ensure that students, at all levels, are protected against injury while training. In our classes, the focus is on correct lifting technique, physical conditioning and cardiovascular benefits. Your safety is our highest priority.

Whether you have a specific goal in mind or just want to look and feel better, we will help you get to where you want to be. We are here to teach, support and encourage you in every way so you may attain your fitness goals. We remember our learning curve and we use that experience to make your learning as easy as possible.

If you have the willingness to invest in yourself, we are here to help you take yourself to the next level where you will have more energy, be less stressed, more productive and have a high level of self confidence.

Any age, any stage of your life

You can start doing CrossFit at any stage of your life – and experience the benefits of not only being physically fitter and stronger but able to think clearer, feel more confident and less stressed. Come join the fitness community at Lismore CrossFit and you will soon understand why our CrossFit Program is the ultimate strength and condition program in the local area.
If you have the purpose, we’ll provide the training to get you ahead in life.

A fun way to work out and lose weight

The problem with most exercise programs is that they become boring. You may lose weight and you may gain some physical fitness, but it’s always through doing the same thing, day after day. With our CrossFit program, not only will you lose weight and improve your fitness levels, you will be challenged both physically and mentally at every session with a variety of exercises.

Our CrossFit classes utilise the principals of constantly varied, functional movement with high intensity and combine three categories of exercise – weightlifting, gymnastics and metabolic conditioning. This is a complete fitness program that will get you into the best shape you have ever been in. You will feel an immense increase in energy levels that will keep you functioning at your very best all day long.

There is one thing we need to make clear. We have heard, as you may have, of other trainers who push students to increase their training intensity way too soon and put you on crazy diets. At CrossFit Lismore we monitor your progress very carefully, only encouraging you to increase your training intensity after you have developed a good foundation of metabolic conditioning, exercise technique, and strength. We can give diet advice but won’t put you on diets because we are not dieticians and don’t claim to be. We don’t expect you to be fit, because we intend to make you fit.

Who said crossfit is too hard?

Anyone can do it, with the kind of training our CrossFit Lismore Certified coaches provide.
Your shape and current physical condition does not matter to us. You do not need to know anything at all about CrossFit. All you need is the willingness to learn. We will do all that it takes to motivate you and train you, till you reach the level you want. If you are positive, dedicated and consistent, our CrossFit program will show you results much faster than you thought possible. No matter what condition you are in, CrossFit Lismore can improve the quality of your life.

Is Crossfit a good strength and conditioning program?

CrossFit was developed by Greg Glassman in 1995 to enhance an individual’s competency at all physical tasks and to improve their overall fitness. His program has spread all over the World and has become the principal strength and condition program for many law enforcement agencies, elite military personnel, emergency response units and champion martial artists.

What makes us different to other gyms claiming to train CrossFit is that we are a genuine CrossFit Affiliate and our coaches are CrossFit certified. When you come to us, you know we are teaching you authentic CrossFit techniques and methodologies.

Our system of CrossFit has been proven time and again with many clients already achieving their personal fitness goals through our program. Everything we do and everything we teach you, has already helped so many people achieve their fitness goals, let us help you attain yours! If you are consistent and committed, we bring you to your best!

Why choose us?

Just one reason – we are the best! CrossFit Lismore is one of the best equipped and most qualified strength and conditioning centres in the area. The reason behind this is the fantastically effective training we provide. Our training standards are the best. Out training systems are the best. All with one aim – to make you the best.

Are you ready to take steps to get fit?

If you live in Lismore or the local area, you owe it to yourself to see how CrossFit Lismore can change your life. Every day we work with and train people just like you who want to get in shape, lose weight and want to reach their fitness goals.

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